Professor James Flint


  • Associate Dean for Education & Student Experience
  • Professor of Wireless Systems Engineering
  • Head of Electronic Communications Research Unit


James Flint is a Professor of Wireless Systems Engineering. His research focuses on various aspects of wireless systems, especially in electromagnetics and transducer design in electromagnetics and acoustics. He has a keen interest in biomimetics, ultrasound and converting systems found in nature into workable engineering solutions.

Projects include wearable antennas, the role of band gap structures in bioacoustics, broadband antennas, acoustic signal processing for leak detection in pipes, novel metamaterials and numerical modelling using the Transmission Line Matrix technique.


  • PhD in Computational Electromagnetics, Loughborough University, 2000

Professional affiliations

  • Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Senior Member of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Professor Flint was previously employed in the automotive industry and maintains an interest in safety-critical systems, installed performance of antennas, and electromagnetic compatibility.

In recent years James has had a particular interest in band gap structures (both electromagnetic and acoustic) and has several publications in the area. His current research interests also include novel computing for sensors, the Internet of Things, and Energy Harvesting.

Past contracts include Nuffield Foundation, MIRA Ltd, British Council, The Royal Society, British Council, Roke Manor, Dstl, HMGCC, MOD DE&S, and Innovate UK/DJB Instruments.

Current teaching responsibilities

  • WSA011 Electronic Circuits
  • WSB002 Communications
  • WSB010 Electronics

Professor Flint also acts as a moderator for projects.

Current administrative responsibilities

  • Accreditation Coordinator
  • Academic Integrity Lead

Professor Flint serves periodically on university committees, including the Academic Misconduct Committee.

Professor Flint has a long history of supporting the IET, including being a past IET Council Member, and a member of various committees including the Professional Network on Antennas and Propagation.  He is Chair of the IET Academic Accreditation Committee (September 2023-2026 and represents the IET on the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB).

He was previously Deputy Associate Dean (Teaching) between 2015-2020 and a past chair of the school’s Academic Practice Committee.  He maintains an active presence in teaching and learning and was an advisor on the 2023 QAA Benchmark Statement for Engineering. 

Currently, he leads the EME Hub, which is a significant initiative in generation after next research into the Electromagnetic Environment.