Jack Walker

MEng (Hons), DIS

  • Senior Research Associate - High-Speed Bearing Analysis


Jack Walker joined Loughborough University as a PhD Researcher within the Dynamics Group in October 2019. He completed his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University in 2018. 

Main research interests 

His research interests are in transmission design and tribo-dynamics.

PhD Thesis Title: Transient Wear Analysis Model for Cylindrical Gear Conjuctions

The effects of wear can be quantified in powertrain systems, not only through loss of performance, efficiency, and length of life but also through noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). With new electric powertrains being introduced to the passenger car market to reduce local emissions, the noise produced from the transmission is no longer masked significantly by that of an internal combustion engine. Furthermore, the degradation of noise produced from the transmission increases with time and is but one symptom of wear. The automotive industry has moved towards CAE tooling to reduce cost in the prototyping phase to ultimately reduce cost and time to market. Hence, accurate modelling is required to predict the wear within a drivetrain to enable the study of NVH, efficiency, performance and durability.