Professor Andrew Rees


Pronouns: He/him
  • Professor of Engineering Teaching Practice
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After initially starting his engineering career (1996) within the automotive sector as a Toolmaker Andrew moved to academia in 2002. From 2002 to 2012 Andrew conducted industrial facing research at the Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University. He completed his PhD at Cardiff University in 2011 in the field of micro electrical discharge machining. In 2014 Andrew started a full academic position at the College of Engineering, Swansea University. From 2016 to 2023 Andrew held the position of Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University. Throughout his academic career in addition to conducting research within advanced manufacturing Andrew has always been very passionate about learning & teaching. Andrew holds the position of Professor of Engineering Teaching Practice within the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University.     

Key awards

  • Swansea University Teaching Excellence Award 2023 

Andrew is a Professor of Engineering Teaching Practice at Loughborough University. He has a particular interest in pedagogical professional practice. Also, Andrew is research active within advanced manufacturing technology. His industrial facing expertise are in the areas of advanced manufacturing technology, microcellular injection moulding, CNC machining and lean six sigma.  

Grants and contracts

21/22 - Royal Academy of Engineering - 50% For the Future ----- Increasing the Gender Balance within Mechanical Engineering £98,722 

21/22 - ERDF West Wales and the Valleys WEFO - Impact Innovative Materials, Processing and Numerical Technologies £485,260 

21/22 - Welsh Government - ASTUTE EAST - £122,391 

21/22 - European Regional Development Fund WEFO - ERDF: ASTUTE2020 £179,473 

20/21 - Innovate UK - Digital Supply Chain Innovation [IMPACT] £500,000 

19/20 - European Regional Development Fund WEFO - ERDF: ASTUTE2020 £1,119,199 

19/20 - European Regional Development Fund WEFO - ERDF: ASTUTE2020 £271,541 

17/18 - European Regional Development Fund WEFO - ASTUTE EAST £2,036,200 

16/17 – EPSRC & European Regional Development Fund WEFO – Materials and Manufacturing Academy (M2A) CDT £1,625,500 


Current teaching responsibilities

  • WSD203 Lean Operations and Supply Chain Management  
  • WSP233 Lean and Agile Manufacturing 

Current administrative responsibilities

  • Acting Director of Student Outcomes and Accreditation 


Journal Publications 

  1. Harding, O., Griffiths, C., Rees, A., & Pletsas, D. (2023). Methods to Reduce Energy and Polymer Consumption for Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing. Polymers, 15(8), 1874  
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Conference Proceedings 

  1. Rees, A; Thompson, J.S. 50% for the Future: Addressing the Underrepresentation of Female Students Studying Mechanical Engineering (July 2023), 15th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies.  
  2. Jennifer Thompson, Chloe Morgan, Andrew Rees and Katie Hebborn, Gaining deeper understanding of the female decision-making process for the selection of Mechanical Engineering at degree level in the UK, to counteract its low uptake. Conference Horizons in STEM Higher Education 2023 
  3. A. Rees; J.S. Thompson. AdvanceHE EDI Conference 2023: 50% for the Future | Proactively creating a strategy to enhance the female student population studying Mechanical Engineering  
  4. A. Rees; J.S. Thompson. Inclusive Engineering Conference 2023, Plymouth University: Inclusive Learning and Teaching for Female Mechanical Engineering Students 
  5. A. Rees; J.S. Thompson SALT Conference 2022: 50% for the Future | Underrepresentation of females studying Mechanical Engineering 
  6. Kirby, M., Johnson, R., Rees, A., & Griffiths, C. (2020). Energy Utilization Analysis and Optimization of Corrective Insoles Manufactured by 3D Printing, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2020 (pp. 239-250). 
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  8. O’Sullivan, R., Rees, A., Griffiths, C., & Wadlinger, J. (2019). A Study on the Modelling and Simulation of Bio-inspired Hedgehog Spines Structures for More Efficient Use Digital Manufacturing Processes. In Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2019 (pp. 375-385) 
  • Swansea University 
  • Cornell University 
  • MBDA 
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE)
  • External Examiner Kingston University 
  • External Examiner University of West England 
  • Committee Member IMechE Scholarships 
  • Committee Member Whitworth Scholarships