Research Associate working in the Photovoltaic Materials Deposition group at the CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology) within the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Research areas include Cadmium Telluride microstructural and chemical characterization of the solar cells.

Current research activities focus on the characterization of novel sputtered CdTe and continued study of cadmium chloride effects on closed space sublimated CdTe in collaboration with Colorado State University.

Ali has a BSc in Materials Engineering from Loughborough (2007-2009) and started his PhD at CREST in 2009, continuing to a postdoc from 2012.


Microstructural, chemical and crystallographic properties of thin film solar cells including TEM, SEM. FIB, XRD, XPS, EDX, STEM, EBSD and SIMS

Ali's key research areas are:

  • Microstructural characterisation of thin films
  • Closed space sublimated CdTe
  • Sputtered CdTe
  • Transmission electron microscopy
  • Transparent conducting oxide characterization
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