Alford Chauraya is a University Teacher at Loughborough University and a Research Associate with the Wireless Communications Research Group within the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering. His role as a University Teacher involves teaching and improving the university student experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels principally through e-learning mechanisms and practical activities. His current area of research is in the field of wearable electronics, focusing on integrating novel wireless functionality into clothing and textiles for communications applications. Alford has internationally recognised activities in the field of electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures with emphasis on reconfigurable antenna applications and optically tunable microwave devices.

His research work involves the design, analysis, and measurements of wearable electronic systems, optically controlled systems, and metamaterials for microwave and mmwave applications. He has published a number of refereed journals, conference proceeding papers, and a co-author of an antenna handbook in his areas of expertise.

Main research interests

Dr Chauraya's main field of research work lies in the development of textile antenna technology, high performance flexible, fabric electronics and optical control of electromagnetic structures used in various communication systems. Alford Chauraya has investigated the behaviour and performance of a number of microwave devices using simulation techniques and measurements. The primary goal is to demonstrate practical applications of compact wearable electronic systems, plus optical illumination in antennas, filters, resonators and metamaterials.

Dr Chauraya is also a Development Engineer of Antrum Ltd, a University spinout company, set up to commercially exploit specific research projects in the Wireless Communications Research Group (WiCR) at Loughborough University. He has been involved in a project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), investigating the Development of a compact and planar textile antenna for COSPAS-SARSAT applications.

Current teaching responsibilities

Dr Chauraya provides both teaching and supervising responsibilities to students in practical activities in a laboratory environment.