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MSc/Diploma/PG Certificate – by distance learning 

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Getting started : Watch the video for an overview

This programme shares the same title, aims, objectives and modules as the programme taught at Loughborough University. The only difference is that the distance learning programme is delivered online (either part-time or full-time), from here. Whether you have enrolled for the MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate or a Professional Development programme, you will find everything here to help you get going online. If you have yet to apply for the programme, find all the information you need on the University's programme home page, making sure you select the distance learning option. If you have any concerns about how to apply, contact our Distance Learning Administration Team.

Booking modules

If you have already applied and are enrolled onto the programme, then the next step is to book the first module. If you have completed this or other modules, the study schedules are also given on the booking form. To book a module, use this Module Booking Form: Water Management for Development (WMFD).

How the programme is delivered

It is also important at this stage to fully understand how your programme is delivered. The programme is comprised of a collection of discrete modules presented to you on the University’s Learning Management System called ‘LEARN’.


The internal module resources are drawn from LEARN. On registration we will send you a username and password which will give you access to LEARN. When you have paid for a module, the materials will be released so you can get started straight away. 

Study Guide | Study schedules | Length of programmes | Forthcoming semester dates 

Study schedules

The number of modules you will be required to study is dependent on the level of programme you choose.

For the MSc programme you will study eight of the nine 15 credit modules and the 60 credit Research Dissertation module, so nine modules altogether.

For the Diploma programme you will study eight of the nine 15 credit modules but not the Research Dissertation module.

For the Postgraduate Certificate programme you will study four of the nine 15 credit modules

For the Short courses for professional development you will study one, two or three 15 credit modules


Length of programmes

The full time MSc programme must be completed within on-year. You may take up to five years to complete the part-time MSc programme.

Certificate programmes: If you do not have the qualifications necessary for direct entry onto one of our MSc or Diploma programmes, with relevant work experience you may still be eligible for entry onto one of our Certificate programmes. After successful completion you can normally upgrade your programme level, retaining the credits gained from your study on the Certificate programme.

For specific duration of the semesters, refer to the list below.


Semester dates

Academic year  2022-23

Semester 1: 3 October 2022 - 3 February 2023
Semester 2: 6 February 2023 - 21 June 2023

Easter Sunday: 9 April 2023


Academic year  2023-24

Semester 1: 2 October 2023 - 2 February 2024
Semester 2: 5 February 2024 - 19 June 2024

Easter Sunday: 31 March 2024


Academic year  2024-25

Semester 1: 30 September 2024 - 31 January 2025
Semester 2: 3 February 2025 - 18 June 2025

Easter Sunday: 20 April 2025

Programme modules

This section is where you can find the module unit guides and resources, the assignments and the noticeboards. 

SEMESTER 1 (October – January)

SEMESTER 2 (February – June)


Notes: Research Dissertation runs throughout Semesters 1 and 2. Modules may be subject to change.


Programme regulations

The programme regulations are governed by Loughborough University and apply to all postgraduate programmes. The regulations are set out in the Student Handbook which you should also read carefully and refer to if, or when, necessary.

In particular, we refer you to the following sections:

Please note that the regulations may change from time to time. If in doubt about any of the regulations contact the Distance Learning Administration Team. 

Module units

Our postgraduate modules are sub-divided into 'units' which are particular areas of study relating to the module. There are usually between 12 to 15 units to each module, with a few exceptions, such as Research Methods and Research Dissertation.

For each unit we provide a unit guide. In some cases the guide itself contains all we require you to study for its topic, with recommendations for further reading. In other cases it is a point of navigation to other resources too, ranging from academic texts, videos, webinars, recorded lectures and other learning 'assets', depending on the nature of the subject. Technical units are copiously illustrated to support your learning.

Live and recorded lectures are available for some units/sessions.

Trial unit guides

Here we provide three trial unit guides so you can get a clearer idea of what they look like.

Poverty and development

On-site rural sanitation

Handpumps – an overview


Please note that all other units are delivered from Loughborough University's learning management system called 'LEARN' and will be available on the start date once you have been enrolled onto a module.