Sports Technology Institute

Working with us

Getting involved

Sponsorship of PhD students

This type of collaboration between businesses and the Institute is commonplace. The Institute recruits and provides the services of a PhD student who, through research, develops new knowledge which can give the business insights into how to optimise or improve products.

Funding of technician resource

Our highly skilled technicians are able to assist business partners in the development of novel prototypes or proof of principle testing rigs, to the benefit of the product the company is looking to develop.


The unique skill set and niche expertise of our academic team provides a wealth of technical knowledge and ability. Our dedicated team are available to assist business partners in the research and development of sporting goods.

Providing an industrial placement

The Institute offers an undergraduate degree in Sports Technology. Our students are given the opportunity to spend a year working in industry, which allows them to gain valuable work experience.

One of the major benefits of offering an industrial placement to an undergraduate student of the Institute is the access to our facilities and expertise that this relationship creates.

Our network of experts

If, for example, your business is trying to source a fabric, material or type of sensor, the Institute can help through its network of commercial and non-commercial sports organisations. We can put you in touch with experts and specialist suppliers who are able to meet your exact needs.