Revolutions: PHC newsletter - Winter 2018/19

Find out more about the Rehab Move Congress 2018 in Groningen, the International Symposium in Japan, recent media coverage of the PHC and our work and read a spotlight on Caz Walton as well as an introduction to Nick Webborn.

The Peter Harrison Centre newsletter from Winter 2018-19 also includes a behind the scenes look at the School Games National Finals, the launch of a new website highlighting scientific exercise guidelines for people with a Spinal Cord Injury, an update on the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Talent Development Programme, and information about an international collaboration with r esearchers in Nordic Sports in Trondheim, Norway, plus infomration about:


  • Doing Sport Psychology in International Disability Football: Contemporary Research and Practice Perspectives
  • Scrooge, Sofas and Singing: Seasonal Cheer at 6th Rehab Move Congress 2018
  • International Symposium of Sports Medical Science for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
  • International Shoulder Group Meeting

Research updates

  • Ongoing Wheelchair Rugby Classification Projects at the Nottwil Low Point Tournament
  • The Biomechanics of Wheelchair Tennis: An Integrated Approach to Optimise Performance
  • Shoulder Pain and Wheelchair Propulsion
  • Dopamine-mediated Increase in Understanding of Physiology and Japanese Culture - a research visit to Wakayama University
  • Jonnie Peacock and Sophie Kamlish visit Loughborough for Testing as part of a Japanese Documentary
  • Exercise Promotion Videos for People with Arthritis: A Novel Way of Promoting Exercise Through Stories


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