Revolutions: The Peter Harrison Centre newsletter for summer 2019

Discover more about the impact that the Peter Harrison Centre is having on disability sport through Lboro Game changers, hot bath research, participation at the school games and our work with Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby.

The Peter Harrison Centre newsletter from Summer 2019 also includes a welcome to new PHC member Dr Emma Pullen, an obituary for PHC contributor Peter Carruthers, the Loughborough 2019 PhD Awards, 


  • UK Paralympic Performance 2019 - Conference reflections
  • International Conference of Environmental Ergonomics

Research updates

  • Exercise, but also hot baths to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation?
  • Evidenced-based classification with Emma Beckman
  • SCI Guidleines

International collaborations

  • A Week with Poutine, Elisa and Jem
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling Exercise in Spinal Cord Injury

Sport Science Support

  • GBWR Elite Squad: Quad Nations, Four Nations
  • Wheelchair Rugby Development Cup Experience
  • Paratri Florida Camp


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