Tokyo 2020 - Wheelchair GB Rugby reflections

As members of the GB wheelchair rugby team have been recently attending the PHC lab to re-assess their levels of fitness with Tom O’Brien, PhD student James got to catch a few players for a quick chat. Below are a few highlights from the conversations.

Ayaz Bhuta (MBE)

Ajaz, GB Wheelchair Basketball


What initially got you into your sport and what was your reason behind participating?

I played wheelchair basketball when I was younger which was predominantly a non-contact sport and I then got sent off for doing contact. After that I got scouted when playing wheelchair rugby, I took part, and this meant that I could hit people without getting in trouble and I enjoyed the adrenaline rush and once you start playing you start seeing past the aggression and more of a tactical game that you fall in love with.

Image: Ayaz with PHC Director Vicky Tolfrey celebrating his success.

Jamie Stead (MBE)

Jamie, GB Wheelchair Basketball


Do you have any advice for inspiring Para-athletes that may want to get into a sport?

With a disability it is the ability to adapt which will always come with challenges but if you look at adapting you will find ways to achieve your dreams.

Image: Jamie training on the treadmill at Loughborough in the PHC.

Gavin Walker (MBE)

Gavin, GB Wheelchair Basketball


Do you have any advice for inspiring Para-athletes that want to perform at the next Paralympics?

Don’t neglect any area and if you can take advice from specialist psychology, nutritionists and others take it. There is always something to learn and get from and learning from others is the most important thing.

Image: Gavin (left) with his teammate Jonny cooling off after a training session.