The PHC welcomes Yash Deshpande to Loughborough University

The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport welcomes Yash Deshpande to the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University

Yash has always been inclined to racket sports. He started playing badminton during his school days and since then was quite fascinated by racket sports. While pursuing a BTech in Mechanical engineering in Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India, he stumbled upon sports science as a discipline during his third year. A background in mechanical engineering and some exposure to biomechanics pushed him to look for an internship exploring sports science. He got in touch with Prof Mark King and came to Loughborough University as a visiting student in Summer 2018 for 45 days. There he assisted the PhD students working primarily on projects in badminton, wheelchair tennis and cricket.

Following his inclination towards sports science, Yash came back to Loughborough to pursue an MSc in Sports biomechanics. Under the supervision of Prof Mark King, Yash did his final dissertation on studying joint kinetics of the upper limb joints in elite players performing a badminton jump smash and graduated with distinction. During his time at Loughborough, he also assisted Cristina D'Angeli in processing motion analysis trials of wheelchair tennis athletes performing different types of serves.

From July 2021, continuing his inclination towards racket sports, Yash will be undertaking a PhD project supervised by Dr Robin Jackson, Prof Vicky Tolfrey and Prof Mark King and co-funded by Lawn Tennis Association, UK (LTA) and the SSEHS. He will be working towards understanding the information sources used by elite wheelchair tennis athletes to correctly anticipate the serve direction and also the biomechanics of tennis serve returns. Yash aims that his research would further the understanding of tennis serve returns in wheelchair tennis athletes and help towards designing specific intervention routines and improving coaching education.