Public engagement

Sharing our research with the public, local community and patient groups is an important part of what we do.

We want to help you to understand our work, to feel that it is important enough to investigate and that you can ask us about it, take part in it or just comment on it whenever you like.

Body illusions are a fantastic way of explaining how a healthy or unhealthy representation of the body is created and maintained in our brains.

Collaborations with many organisations - including those listed below - have led to demonstrations, talks and videos that have brought body representation understanding to hundreds of thousands of people.

  • British Science Festival
  • Wellcome Collection - In pursuit of pain
  • Big Bang Fair Science and Engineering Fair
  • Edinburgh International Science Festival
  • Cheltenham Science Festival
  • Royal Institution - riLates
  • British Psychological Society - Weird Psychology
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History - Brain Diaries Exhibit
  • Newcastle Centre for Life - The Brain Zone Exhibit
  • The Camera Obscura in Edinburgh - Multisensory Illusions Exhibit
Visitors to the exhibition, exploring one of the mind-body illusions

As part of the British Science Festival in September 2022, we hosted a talk about pain and an evening of mind-bending body illusions.

You can also see photos of our mind-bending body illusions evening at the Festival.

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