Dr Elaine Robinson

  • Research Associate

I was awarded a PhD from the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering here at Loughborough University in 2021 where I investigated multi-stakeholder decision-making in low-energy building design. In 2021, I joined the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University as a Research Associate, where I undertook socio-technical research, using Smart meter data in Welsh social housing to identify energy use behaviour archetypes using cluster analysis.

In 2023, I joined CRSP as a Research Associate. My role involves developing and undertaking quantitative analysis of large data sets, in order to identify patterns and trends related to low income and fuel poverty. Within the centre, my work is focussed mainly on quantitative analysis, including analysing data from the Family Resources Survey for the annual Households Below a Minimum Income Standard report and research into Debt, poverty and living standards in Great Britain for Christians Against Poverty.

My research interests relate to housing policy and fuel poverty.

Recent publications

  • Stone, J., Robinson, E., Blackwell, C. and Padley, M. (2024) Debt, poverty and living standards in Great Britain. Bradford: Christians Against Poverty
  • Padley, M., Stone, J. and Robinson, E. (2024) Households living below a Minimum Income Standard: 2008-2022. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  • Robinson, Elaine (2021). Multi-stakeholder decision-making in low-energy building design optimization. Loughborough University. Thesis. https://doi.org/10.26174/thesis.lboro.16545687.v1
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  • Kokaraki, N., Hopfe, C. J., Robinson, E., Nikolaidou, E. (2019) ‘Testing the reliability of deterministic multi-criteria decision-making methods using building performance simulation’, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 112. doi: 10.1016/j.rser.2019.06.018. IF 12.11
  • Robinson, E., Hopfe, C. J. and Wright, J. A. (2016) ‘Investigating the potential impact of stakeholder preferences in Passivhaus design’, in The 3rd Building Simulation and Optimization 2016 (BSO 2016), Sept 12-14th. Newcastle.
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