Minimum London weighting could help households in the capital reach a decent living standard

New research from CRSP shows that the minimum London Weighting needed to cover a basic standard of living in the capital is £6,549. That’s over £2,000 the average minimum London Weighting paid to many key workers. The high costs of housing, childcare and travel in London means it can cost as much as 50% more to achieve a decent standard of living in the capital than the rest of the UK.

The new report, funded by Trust for London and produced by CRSP, proposes an updated basis for calculating a minimum London Weighting using ongoing research on a Minimum Income Standard (MIS) for the capital.  Combining calculated London Weightings for different household types and areas, the analysis shows a minimum London Weighting of £9,600 in Inner London and £6,549 in Outer London is needed.  Many sectors are paying well below this and take an inconsistent approach to setting weighting allowances, which can range from a maximum of £6,906 in the Met Police, to £4,967 in the NHS.  A minimum London Weighting of £6,549 a year would begin to help to cover the essential costs of living for many Londoners.  The burden of these essential costs is felt most acutely by those in the lowest paid jobs, but a minimum London Weighting should also support swathes of key workers on low-to middle-incomes (those earning up to £40,000) reach a minimum living standard to participate in the life of the city they serve.

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