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Accessing MIS data

Since the first set of MIS results were published in 2008, MIS data have been used by a wide variety of different organisations for a range of purposes and it has become clear over time that making more detailed versions of the budgets available to people who want to use MIS data would be of benefit.

Those who require this extra detail should apply to CRSP and we can send you a complete set of spreadsheets showing how budgets for particular household types are constructed in individual years between 2008 and 2014 as well as making it easier to track changes over this period. 

The spreadsheets we are making available provide the household budgets for each of the eleven core households looked at within the MIS research for each year between 2008 and 2014: single working age adults, couple working age adults, single pensioner, couple pensioners, lone parents with one child, lone parents with two children, lone parents with three children, couples with one child, couples with two children, couples with three children, and couples with four children. For these core households, certain ages of children are assumed. For example, where there is one child in the household they are assumed to be between the ages of 0-23 months. The spreadsheets therefore allow comparisons to be made across the core household types.

In addition to the core household budgets, users will also be able to make adjustments to the ages of children giving budgets for all 107 possible different households. The spreadsheets allow users to compare budgets across years for any one household composition, specifying child ages.

Currently, the data we are making available here do not allow the calculation of a minimum for the following household types:      

If you would like to make use of this data set please email crsp@lboro.ac.uk and we will respond to you within 10 days of your request.  Please state the proposed use of the data, and we will be happy to give you guidance if needed in using the data for the purpose you require.


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