The Youth Compass Project

Supporting young people to make positive choices and develop the all-important moral and empathic skills they need to navigate through life.

Through extensive research, we have developed free resources which can be used with young people aged 11-17 years old in schools, by youth workers and youth offending teams – in fact, any organisation that works with young people.

By giving them a moral compass by which to steer their decision-making, Youth Compass can help young people to:

  • improve their relationships with teachers, peers and families
  • enhance their personal, professional and educational outcomes
  • reduce rule-breaking, antisocial behaviour and crime

The project is already having a positive impact and enjoying considerable success.

Our heartfelt thanks

We are enormously grateful to our project funders for their generosity – The British Academy, Loughborough University and Anglia Ruskin University. 

We would like to thank the following people for their gifts of time, expertise and support – Dr Beth Hardie, Dr Alex Sutherland, Dr Alison Jane Martingano, Dr Nick Caddick, Jon Sanders, Dr Fran Azpitarte, Alex Dopadlik, Dr David Humphreys, Dr Patrick McClanahan, Dr Ali Wigzell, Dr Dominic Willmott and Victoria Gadd.  

In addition, we thank our practitioner partners for their tireless support during the Compass deliveries, including Romsey Mill and the three LPSN schools - Commonweal School (Swindon), Ashcombe School (Swindon) and North Gosforth (Newcastle). Our thanks to Charles Drew (Headteacher at Commonweal), Joanna Parish, (Assistant Headteacher at Ashcombe), Susanna Cooke (Assistant Principle at North Gosforth), and all the facilitators and support staff who have made these deliveries possible.