The Centre for Biological Engineering (CBE) at Loughborough University is a multi-disciplinary research centre, bridging the fields of engineering, biology and medicine and integrating the research work of two departments: the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Operational since 2009, the CBE benefits from a suite of laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

A product of Loughborough University’s forward-thinking approach to cross-departmental collaboration in research the CBE brings together world-class researchers in the fields of healthcare and biological engineering, working towards the scientific discovery and application of medical processes, techniques, and interventions for the advancement of patient therapy, outcome, and wellbeing.

The Centre for Biological Engineering (CBE) aims at building new capability and capacity at the interface of engineering, medicine and biology, with a view to realising the potential of regenerative medicine, medical and diagnostic devices, biohybrid organs and cell technologies for improving human health.  To this end, as well as undertaking cutting edge research, our academics are involved in undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc) research-informed and research-supported teaching programmes to train the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Staff and PhD students

Wolfson School

Prof Rob Thomas
Professor of Manufacturing for Cell and Gene Therapies

Prof Sotiris Korossis
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Bioartificial Organs

Prof Alexandra Stolzing
Professor of Biogerontological Engineering

Prof Carmen Torres-Sanchez
Professor of Multifunctional Materials Manufacturing

Dr Sourav Ghosh
Senior Lecturer in Sensor Technologies

Dr Yang Liu
Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Engineering

Dr Jon Petzing
Senior Lecturer in Metrology

Dr Sammy Wilson
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering and Manufacturing

Dr Katie Glen
Research Associate

Dr Catherine Beltrán-Rendón
Research Associate

Jialin Dong
PhD Student

Oliver Frost
PhD Student

Jakub Nasterski
PhD Student

George Troulliotis
PhD Student

Jon Harriman
Healthcare Engineering Technician

Chemical Engineering

Prof Karen Coopman
Professor in Biological Engineering

Dr Elizabeth Ratcliffe
Senior Lecturer in Bioengineering

Dr Tao Sun
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Biotechnology

Jen Bowdrey
Cell Culture Laboratory Technician

Rod Dring
Cell Culture Laboratory Technician

Lab Managers

Carolyn Kavanagh
Experimental Officer

Kulvindar Sikand
Experimental Officer

Contact us

Eleri Bristow

Centre Administrator

Header image courtesy of Dr Asha K Patel, MIT.
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