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In Africa, the average road fatality rate is 26.6 per 100,000 population, compared to 9.3 in European countries.

SaferAfrica – an award-winning partnership that brings together 17 research organisations – is working to make African roads safer.

The project has established a Dialogue Platform and the African Road Safety Observatory (ARSO).

The Platform is a discussion forum for African policymakers and key stakeholders to plan road safety actions including traffic management, capacity building, interventions to nurture safer road users and vehicles, and post-crash care.

The ARSO supports awareness raising of road safety challenges, evidenced by critical risk factors based on high-quality data and knowledge. It operates under African leadership and is supported by the World Bank, FIA and International Transport Forum.

Long term, SaferAfrica will help to reduce road traffic accidents. This process will be managed by new African Road Safety Champions who will support, for example, the implementation of road safety policies aligned to the Africa Road Safety Action Plan and the adoption of effective road safety interventions.

SaferAfrica received the Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award 2019, acknowledging its contribution to the improvement of African road safety and traffic management – ultimately, saving lives.



  • Research Centre for Transport and Logistics ‘’Sapienza’’ – University of Rome, Italy (Project Lead)
  • National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Belgium Institute for Road Safety, Belgium
  • International Road Federation, Switzerland
  • French Institute of Science & Technology for Transport, Development & Networks, France
  • National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Portugal
  • Institute of Road Safety Research, Netherlands
  • International Solidarity on Transports and Research in Sub-Saharan Africa, France
  • Agency for the Promotion of European Research, Italy
  • Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre, Sweden
  • Handicap International, Belgium
  • International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee, Belgium


  • National Advanced School of Public Works, Cameroon
  • Abidjan – Lagos Corridor Organisation, Benin
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program, Kenya
  • ICI – Santé, Burkina Faso