Winner of the $1 million Milken-Motsepe Prize in Green Energy global competition.

Aftrak is a groundbreaking initiative that combines solar microgrids and tailored tractors to empower smallholder farmers across Africa. It aims to significantly increase crop yields and smallholder incomes while providing access to clean, green electricity in rural communities.

The Aftrak tractor parked against solar panels

A scalable, self-sustaining economy

The Aftrak solar array electrifies the community, powers the Aftrak micro electric tractor which allows villages to use Deep Bed Farming to increase their crop yield by up to three-fold which in turn allows for the purchase of power from the Aftrak microgrid, creating a self-sustaining model for decentralised energy access.

The Aftrak system

A revolutionary system comprising a solar microgrid, a micro electric tractor and a new agricultural technique, Deep Bed Farming.