Sport, Health and Wellbeing

Loughborough University is renowned for our world-leading research and expertise in sport, health and wellbeing. This interdisciplinary and wide-ranging topic is a live and exciting policy area. Our research will contribute to deep and meaningful improvements to the health and wellbeing of our population.

There is a drive nationally and globally for sport to help contribute to the sustainable agenda. We recognise the link between sport, nature and sustainability – both in sports’ contribution to global carbon emissions and its ability to lead the way with innovative policies in the sustainable drive to net zero. Sports for Climate Action and Nature is a vibrant new Loughborough University research cluster bringing together expertise in sport sociology, physiology, nutrition, management, ecology and engineering from which a wealth of new policy-relevant research will be conducted over coming years. 

Loughborough University understands the importance of making sport equitable – both in participation and representation. Increasing participation amongst minority groups can have a massive societal impact. We have been active participants in this crucial area, and seek to continue our influence this area by using our reputation to champion equitable sport for all.  

Healthy eating and nutrition are important and diverse policy areas where Loughborough University has world-leading expertise. A key branch of Loughborough University’s research into health and nutrition is our Centre for Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour (CLiMB). The Centre involves world leading academics, researchers and health professionals who are working to provide high quality evidence to reduce preventable diseases in the population, and impact public health practice and policy through robust research evidence. 

We have separated our policy focusses into three fields - sport and the environment, equitable sport, and health and nutrition. 

Policy-relevant themes