Prof Giulianotti represents the UK at key UNESCO event

Professor Richard Giulianotti (right) alongside colleague Dr Davies Banda from the University of Edinburgh.

Prof Giulianotti represents the UK at key UNESCO event

Loughborough University’s Professor Richard Giulianotti has represented the UK at a recent UNESCO CIGEPS meeting in Paris.

Prof Giulianotti – who leads the UNESCO Chair in Sport, Physical Activity and Education for Development which was recently awarded to Loughborough University – made key contributions on behalf of the UK in the France capital.

A major focus of the two-day meeting was UNESCO’s flagship ten-year programme, ‘Fit for Life’, which seeks to promote sport, physical activity, and physical education across the world. With a particular focus on young people, key aims include enhancing physical and mental health, and confronting social inequalities, in these areas. 

The Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS) was established in 1978 to promote the role and value of sport and its relevance for public policy.

CIGEPS is comprised of expert representatives in the field of physical education and sport from 18 UNESCO Member States, each elected for a four-year term. The consultative members, comprising UN agencies, key sport federations, NGOs, provide technical support and advice to the Committee.

UNESCO event

Prof Giulianotti, as well as other fellow Loughborough University academics, made three main contributions:

  • Highlighted the UK’s commitment to the Fit for Life programme, and suggested two amendments to the UNESCO outline document on the topic
  • Provided a short presentation on the UK’s use of ‘Social Outcome Contracts’ to fund and deliver sport-based social intervention programmes with marginalized young people. Prof Giulianotti highlighted the UK’s readiness to share their experiences and expertise in the use of Social Outcome Contracts. 

‌Nancy McLennan added: "We were delighted to have the contributions of the UNESCO Chair Prof Giulianotti, representing the UK, at CIGEPS.  It is very important for the Committee’s work that Member States are represented by competent experts. We very much value our collaborative work with the Chair and his team. This is making a key contribution to development of Fit for Life, which is central to UNESCO’s sport policy and strategy, to enhance sport, physical activity, physical education, health and wellbeing across the world.  We are keen to see our collaboration with the Loughborough team grow over the next few years."