Blue graphic with LEADING written on it

Loughborough University launches LEADING

The University is delighted to announce the launch of LEADING, Loughborough’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Networked Research Group.

Research which focuses on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is central to the University’s ambition to be an institution which has a diverse, respectful and inclusive culture, as referenced in Priority 1 of Loughborough’s People Strategy. It also has great potential to influence positive social, cultural and economic change regionally, nationally and internationally.

Many of our academics conduct leading-edge theoretical and applied research tackling inequities and inequalities.

The concept of LEADING was first discussed in 2019, but the last twelve months has shown us all why such research matters – from the powerful emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, to the differential effects on the careers of women during the pandemic.

This virtual hub aims to:

  1. Foster collaboration on EDI research across disciplines, Schools and campuses.
  2. Raise the profile of Loughborough’s EDI research nationally and globally.
  3. Work collaboratively with colleagues from across the University to enhance the student and staff experience.

More than twenty academics and their specialisms are showcased on the dedicated website. Some of the research areas include intersectionality, gender roles, ethnicity, disability, racism, sexism, and religion.

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Doctoral College Professor Elizabeth Peel, who initiated LEADING commented: “Research focused on EDI issues makes a vital contribution in effecting positive social change. Having a virtual hub at Loughborough is part of a step change we all want to see regarding the place of equality, diversity, and inclusion at the University and beyond.

“I hope that we can have embodied research networking activities soon, both within and across our Schools. I am very excited to see where LEADING takes our research, impact and community building activities in the coming years.” 

Vice-Chancellor Professor Bob Allison added: “A characteristic of the Loughborough community that I am proud of is our diversity and the positive impact it has on the University. We are the home of the research that informs the living wage and through that Loughborough has transformed the lives of millions of people.

“I am confident that LEADING will be of equal importance in setting the agenda to raise the bar on equality, diversity and inclusion. In doing so, we shall further secure Loughborough’s reputation for social justice and research that makes a difference to society.”

Furthermore, as part of a blog post entitled EDI at Loughborough: Creating a Compelling Vision for Organisational ChangeDr Angela Martinez Dy references LEADING as a significant part of the progressive EDI movement taking place across the University.