Bio MSc

Loughborough University launches two new Bio-focused engineering master’s programmes

The University is recruiting students for its innovative Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology MSc programmes starting in October 2021.

We live in a world facing remarkable health and sustainability challenges. The current pandemic has highlighted the need for rapid diagnostics and vaccine biotherapeutics, whereas the de-carbonisation of modern economies to create a more sustainable future requires a significant shift towards renewable feedstocks, including biofuels and biochemicals.

Shaping this exciting future requires highly skilled, biologically savvy engineers with an advanced-level understanding of the interplay between biological sciences and engineering. 

Biomedical Engineering MSc and Biotechnology MSc are both one-year degree programmes and include a high proportion of practical lab-based work, providing valuable hands-on experience for future bio-related career paths.  

Students will gain advanced knowledge and understanding of the fundamental scientific and technological principles underpinning modern biotechnology, bioprocessing and biomedical engineering industries. They will develop graduate level research skills with students working on a biotechnology or biomedical engineering research project focusing, for example, on development of biotherapeutics, drug delivery systems, biosensors, tissue engineering or biomedical implants.

Programme Director, Dr Danish Malik, said: “We are delighted to introduce two new advanced level degree programmes, which bridge the gap between engineering and biological sciences. These will support growth through supply of highly skilled engineers capable of working at interdisciplinary boundaries in fast-growing biomedical and biotechnology industrial sectors.”  

Both programmes will be taught by the Chemical Engineering Department in the School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering, at the Loughborough campus in the East Midlands.