Eccleston building

LU Arts unveils new competition giving students and graduates the chance to produce sculptural work for the University campus

LU Arts is delighted to announce a competition for current students and graduates to produce a new sculptural work on the Loughborough campus.

If you’re interested in proudly displaying your work alongside over 40 other sculptures across the Loughborough site - including pieces by artists Lynn Chadwick, Bernard Schottlander and Margaret Traherne - then keep reading.

The work is to adorn the exterior wall of the Eccleston Student Engineering Centre, which provides space and equipment for students to conduct extra-curricular engineering experiments.

It’s the home of Loughborough’s Formula Student racing team, who design and build a racing car for the Formula Student competition each year; the University’s Space Society; and is used for a wide variety of projects exploring means of travel and communication across the ground and through the air.

Therefore, the sculpture must be inspired by the processes, forms or imagery of automotive and aeronautical engineering.

Funded by a donation from Barry and Valerie Eccleston, the competition is open to all current Loughborough University students, as well as those who have graduated from the University (including Loughborough University London) from 2010 onwards.

It is also open to both individuals and groups, however 50% of the group must be Loughborough University students or alumni.

The winner will receive a budget of £10,000 and an additional fee of £3,000, alongside mentorship to enable the realisation of the work, which is to be unveiled at the start of the 2021/22 academic year.

There will also be two runner-up prizes of £500 available for outstanding proposals.

More information on the brief, the application proposal you are required to produce, as well as the process of this project can be found on the full call-out here.

The deadline for proposals is midday, Wednesday 25 November 2020. For further enquiries please contact LU Arts’ Programme Coordinator David Bell by emailing