Landscape photo of the Arctic

Institute of Advanced Studies to host Arctic Geopolitics Spotlight Series

The Institute of Advanced Studies will be hosting a high-profile virtual workshop next week as part of its inaugural Spotlight Series.

The Arctic is changing, and rapidly. Warming waters, melting ice and thawing permafrost are facilitating a transformation of the geopolitical environment. With the opening-up of new maritime passageways and strategic corridors, as well as the prospect for resource extraction, the idea of the Arctic as a ‘place apart’ in global politics is fanciful. Every major world actor, from the US to China to the European Union, is interested in the Arctic, and the evolving competition which will shape the future of the region.

‘Great Power Competition in the Anthropocene’ – which will be held 8-9 December – will bring together a group of distinguished and early career scholars, as well as practitioners, to consider what great power competition looks like in the Anthropocene Arctic. Specifically, the workshop will explore and develop new concepts and approaches for improving understanding of how the Anthropocene interacts with inter-state rivalry.

The event has been organised by Dr Duncan Depledge, a Lecturer in Geopolitics and Security, and will welcome three IAS Visiting Fellows:

Dr Depledge said: “The IAS Spotlight Series will explore the Arctic’s significance in key contemporary debates about the Anthropocene. We know climate change and the resurgence of great power competition in the Arctic are playing out in tandem, but our workshop will provide us with the opportunity to think much harder about the relationship between the two.”

Professor Marsha Meskimmon added: “The Series was designed to facilitate dialogue between world-leading experts on research topics that are both intellectually challenging and socially significant. We are delighted that Arctic Geopolitics will inaugurate the Series and are pleased to welcome an outstanding cohort of Fellows.”

For further information, and to book onto the event please visit the dedicated webpage.