black banner with LU Arts 'STEAM Week'

Loughborough University merges the arts and STEM to host week of exciting events

Loughborough University will be hosting a week of creative inter-disciplinary events involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

LU Arts (the University’s art programme) will be running ten diverse and inspiring events for STEAM week – which takes place from 13-20 March - including an LED-light workshop, a game jam, and a live coding workshop.

The week also coincides with British Science Week – a ten-day celebration of STEM featuring engaging and entertaining events across the UK for people of all ages.

Nick Slater, Director of LU Arts, commented: “STEAM week has invited a range of artists who engage with STEM subjects to run workshops, give talks and deliver events, thereby highlighting the exciting possibilities such collaborations can bring about. 

“The activities are open to anyone, and no knowledge or experience of art or STEM subjects is required!”

Events include Algorave – an evening of electronic music and visuals, where attendees are encouraged to bring their own projectors to showcase their own work across the walls.

Through the manipulation of programming code, electronic musician Myoptik, VJ theLabVisuals and other visual artists will be bringing a daring and dextrous night of multimedia showcases to Loughborough.

Photo of visual artists with projector across walls

‘The future machine is coming…’ is an opportunity to help artist Rachel Jacobs build a machine on 17 March using weather sensors that will make predictions about the future in response to environmental change.

All of the events are free to attend, although they require a £3 deposit to secure a place. This will then be refunded on completion of the chosen workshop.

A full list of the events taking place during the week can be viewed below:

13 March: Phoebe Collings-James in conversation with Rebecca Bellantoni
14 March: Sound Responsive LED Light workshop with Sean Clark
                Algorave – live coded electronic music and visuals
15 March: Game Jam
16 March: Bruce Asbestos – computer game design workshop (part of Loughborough University’s STEM Community Day)
17 March: The future machine is coming…
18 March: Happy Mondays live coding workshop with Antonio Roberts
19 March: E-textile weaving workshop with Emilie Giles
20 March: Rachel Pimm in conversation with Daisy Hildyard

For more information, visit the LU Arts website or contact Grace Lewis at

Please note lasers may be used during the Algorave.