Photo of students Hannah and Matt, winners of the 2018 Toyota Logistic Design competition

Design students win international Toyota competition

Two students from Loughborough’s Design School have won the International Toyota Logistics Design competition.

al.packer, the app designed by students Hannah and Matt for the 2018 Toyota Logistics Design comp

Toyota challenged university students and recent graduates across Europe to create a revolutionary idea that improves the logistics process of delivering packages.

Third-year Industrial Design and Technology students Matt Putman and Hannah Rayner won the competition with their ‘al.packer’ app idea.

Al.packer looks to provide a more sustainable option for the last mile of a package delivery.

Currently, many delivery companies will return a package to a depot if no one at the listed address is in to receive the item.

The app looks to provide a network of home agents that are able to accept the parcel on behalf of the recipient – in other words, if no one answers the door, the package will be left with an approved neighbour rather than being returned to a holding facility.

As well as making the supply chain more socially sustainable, the concept has the potential to bring more employment opportunities to the community too. 

Hannah and Matt were flown to Hannover in Germany to accept their award and a cash prize of €5,000.

Of winning the competition, Hannah Rayner commented: “The win has made us incredibly excited about our futures.

“The ceremony was an excellent opportunity to network with the competition judges and we have both been offered an internship in Sweden with the Toyota Material Handling design team.

“The experience has certainly made us more aware of the alternative service design solutions to growing problems in our global infrastructure.”

Matt Putman added: “It was gratifying to have had our ideas validated by the Toyota Design Team, and to be recognised by industry leaders for design excellence.”

For more information about al.packer and the other competition entries, visit the dedicated website.