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Religion in Loughborough

Loughborough University recognises that that faith and spirituality are important in the lives and in the identity of many of its staff and students. No matter what perspective students have about religion and faith, the university provides the provision and opportunities to explore these in our diverse and respectful campus environment.

There are a number of faith based groups within the university, and within the student body in particular. These are run through different platforms: some through the Centre for Faith and Spirituality, some through the Loughborough Students Union, and some informally.    

The ‘Centre for Faith and Spirituality’, located in the Centre of Campus, is provided as a place where students and staff are welcomed to reflect, explore and express faith and spirituality. It is a place to pray, to meditate and to meet others. It also offers help with spiritual, ethical and moral concerns, and Chaplains of various faiths are available to anyone irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs. Facilities include the University Chapel, Muslim Prayer Rooms, a Quiet Room and an ‘Oasis’ space to meet and chat.

There are also a number of Student Run Religious Groups, many through the Students Union. These include Loughborough Christian Union, Loughborough Chinese Christian Fellowship, LSU Catholic Society, LSU Islamic Society, LSU Jewish Society  , and the LSU Sikh Society. All of these societies meet regularly and offer students the opportunity to practice their religion together, as well as providing support and organising social activities.    



Loughborough University is an ideal place for a Muslim student and the brotherhood can definitely be felt!

Awab Elniel, President, LSU Islamic Society,

Living as a Muslim in Loughborough means comfortable, stress free living. With a large prayer room in the middle of campus; weekly Friday prayer services; an active Islamic Society and a range of Halal spots to eat and chill in and out of campus; you have all the essentials and more! The community are really accepting and supportive of the Muslims students here and get involved with much of our activities. From sports and socials to education and spiritual learning, Loughborough University is an ideal place for a Muslim student and the brotherhood can definitely be felt!" 

Awab Elniel,
President, LSU Islamic Society