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Video Assessment

You can create a student assignment folder within ReVIEW which allows students to create, edit and submit videos to Learn. The advantage of using RevIEW to store videos is that they can be as large as needed and, when they are uploaded to the system, they are converted into a file format that will automatically playback on any device.

Case Study Example 

There are several scenarios where you may wish to create a student assignment folder, but the case study below highlights some of the key advantages and benefits. 

Levelling the playing field - using ReVIEW personal capture for students’ presentations

The ReVIEW personal capture software and the student assignment folder were recently used in conjunction as part of a Teaching Innovation Award. 


A key component of the module in which this is used is the presentation element where students explain their design process via a series of images, captions and verbal narration. In the past, students were asked to create video presentations using any freely available software. However, due to the range of disciplines within the cohort, it quickly became evident that some of the cohort had some experience of creating and editing video, but other students lacked these skills and confidence.

The module leader decided to see if there were better technological solutions available within the University that would guarantee parity across the cohort and allow students to use software to create a video presentation but without requiring any prior technical knowledge.

What was the solution?

Following a conversation with the Centre for Academic Practice, the module leader decided to enable the student assignment folder in ReVIEW and encourage students to use the personal capture software to make their own recordings. 

In comparison to the vast range of free recording software available, it was felt that the personal capture software would provide all the basic functionality required without being overly complex, and it would ensure that no student had an advantage when it came to producing videos i.e. it levelled the playing field. 

Did we need to provide support?

To ensure that all students would be able to complete the assessment and feel comfortable with downloading and installing the software, we ran the following support sessions and checks:

  • A general session to explain what the students were asked to create, what the videos needed to achieve and how the software worked (this session was also lecture captured).
  • We sent out a survey on the module to check what devices and operating systems students had access to. The findings from this survey showed that most students used OSX and not as many had access to a laptop as previously assumed.
  • Following the results from the survey, we offered bookable one-to-one recording sessions spread over a range of dates where we provided a University laptop and a space for recording. 

Did it work well?

Yes, we ran a student survey to determine how useful/easy-to-use they had found the system and the results were very positive. The same system and workflow will be used again for the upcoming assessment. 

How to enable video submissions

Student Guides for submitting a video

Students can be given the ability to use the web-based version of the Panopto capture software for submissions purposes. These video recordings can then be uploaded to ReVIEW and submitted to Learn via the assignment activity.

A full guide for students on how to download, edit and upload videos to ReVIEW is available below.


Will students be able to see other students' videos in the Assignment Folder?

No. Students will only be able to see the videos that they have uploaded to the student assignment folder in ReVIEW.

Who will be able to view the videos when they have been submitted to Learn?

Module Leaders and Internal Examiners on the module should be able to view student videos when they are submitted to a Learn Assignment. 

Can students upload videos to ReVIEW that haven't been created using Personal Capture?

Yes, if a student is more confident with their own software, they can create and edit a video and then upload it to ReVIEW.

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