ReVIEWLecture Capture

How to use ReVIEW

How to change the defaults / opt-out of publishing

You can use the online timetable system to change the default settings for each recording (e.g. you may wish to change the date when a recording is published) and to opt-out of publishing recordings.

Please do not hide the ReVIEW block to delay releasing a recording as this block cannot be toggled between hidden and visible. Only options outlined in the guide below should be used to change the availability of a recording.

Things to note

Staff whose sessions are excluded from publication will be expected to communicate the decision made to their students and ensure that this is provided on Learn.

Access to academic content in ReVIEW for students registered with the Counselling and Disability Service is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Disability/Mental Health Support Teams and applies to any recording, even where an individual has opted out of publication.

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