ReVIEWLecture Capture

How to use ReVIEW

Pause a Recording

The lecture capture system has been setup to ensure that is easy and accessible for staff and students. If your lecture has been scheduled via online timetabling, the lecture capture system should record your lecture automatically and the light beacon within the room will indicate the status of the recording. 

Light beacon operations

Light beacons have been installed in 130 room across campus to indicate when a lecture is being recorded or has been paused.

If you wish to pause a recording for a discussion or question, press down on the light beacon quickly and it will change colour to amber to indicate that the recording has temporarily stopped. Press it again to resume the recording. Please note that holding down the light beacon for an extended period will stop the recording completely. 

  • Green light - recording in progress.
  • Amber light -  recording is paused.
  • Red light - there is a fault in the system (hardware or software). Contact Teaching Support for assistance.
  • No light – recording is not active. This may be due to the scheduling of the lecture in the timetable. If it was intended that the lecture should be recorded, then contact Teaching Support for assistance.

Using Technologies in the lecture theatre

For further information on the equipment available in the lecture theatres across campus, see the guide below. 

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