Laura Justham

Laura Justham

Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

I am passionate about providing an accessible, inclusive and engaging learning opportunity for our students and to investigate their journey from school to tertiary education and then out into industry upon graduation.

I am established as co-director of Undergraduate Admissions in the Wolfson School where we tackle this agenda on a regular basis. I also undertook a two year VC’s fellowship in 2016-2018 investigating how we might reimagine our methods of university education in Engineering to change the viewpoint of engineering in the wider community but also to encourage different people into the field.

Upon graduation I am also interested in how ED&I manifests in the wider engineering community and I am a co-investigator on the EPSRC funded Digitop project


At present I am working towards moving my research more into this area. The work I have done at present has not been published because it is within the field of Admissions to the university sector through my role as UG Admissions Director in the Wolfson School.