Hannah Partis- Jennings

Hannah Partis-Jennings

Social Sciences and Humanities

Research groups - Centre for Security Studies

Hannah's main research areas include gender and peacebuilding/post-conflict as well as gender and militarism. She is currently conducting a project which looks at the campaign for abortion access in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Malta and Poland. She aims to draw upon intersectionality and take a feminist approach to understanding the campaigns and their significance.


  • ‘The “third gender” in Afghanistan: a feminist account of hybridity as a gendered experience’ Peacebuilding (2019) 7.2 pp. 178 – 193; With Rebekka Friedman
  • ‘Hidden and Heard: Protesting Disappearances in Sri Lanka’ (2019). For King’s College London Policy Institute;
  • Huber M and H Partis-Jennings (2014) ‘Women, Peace and Security in Afghanistan: Looking Back to Move Forward’