Sports Scholarships

Donations support student-athletes whilst they train and study at Loughborough.

Sports Scholarships provide talented student-athletes with the opportunity to train and study at Loughborough, regardless of their financial background.

A Sports Scholarship provides a student on a performance programme with up to £5,000 of funding per year.

Performance programmes cover a breadth of sports, and students in receipt of scholarships are given the chance to really focus on their training alongside their studies.

They benefit from the University's unrivalled support and ethos of sporting development, and the funding gives them the chance to take advantage of what is on offer.

Our sports scholarships support all athletes at Loughborough. Our ambition is to become the leading university in para sport globally, and to create inspirational, inclusive and life-shaping opportunities for all talented athletes.

If you are interested in donating to sports scholarships at Loughborough, we would welcome a conversation to discuss your donation with you.