School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


Dominic Malcolm is Reader in the Sociology of Sport in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. Following completion of a BA Politics at Nottingham University, and MA in the Sociology of Sport at the University of Leicester, he was appointed Research Associate in the Centre for Research into Sport and Society. He subsequently became Research Fellow, Lecturer and Director of Masters Programmes and completed his PhD (by published work) at Leicester in December 2004. He started at Loughborough in 2005.

Dominic has published a dozen books and over 50 journal articles on a wide range of subjects within the sociology of sport. Contributions to the field as a whole include The Sage Dictionary of Sports Studies (2008), Sport and Sociology (2012) and Sport and Society: a Student Introduction (2016, edited with Barrie Houlihan).

Historically much of his work has focused on cricket, and in particular aspects of violence, imperial and postcolonial relations and national identity. In 2010 he published The Changing Face of Cricket: From Imperial to Global Game (edited with Jon Gemmell and Nalin Mehta), and in 2013 Globalizing Cricket: Englishness, Empire and Identity. This strand of work continues with the 2016 publication of Sport and English National Identity in a ‘disunited kingdom’ (edited with Tom Gibbons).

Most recently research has focused on the intersection of sport, medicine and health. This body of work includes journal articles on the working practices of doctors and physiotherapists in sport, including their and inter-professional relations and management of confidentiality, and their role in the management of pain and injury.  In 2012 he published The Social Organization of Sports Medicine: Critical Socio-Cultural Perspectives (edited with P. Safai) and in 2016, Sport, Medicine and Health: the medicalization of sport?

Current research projects include: the experiences of and attitudes towards physical activity amongst those diagnosed with respiratory health problems; the social and economic costs of sports injuries; the provision of medical care in elite football and the clinical management and the social implications of the regulation of concussion in sport.

He is currently organizing a series of six seminars for the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, designed to build interdisciplinary capacity across the Centre’s five research themes and a establish a research network of clinicians, researchers, funders and third sector organizations. 

Selected External Research-Related Roles

  • Honorary Member, National Institute for Health Research Diet, Lifestyle & Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit based at University Hospitals of Leicester and Loughborough University
  • Convenor, British Sociological Association Sport Study Group (2002-2011)
  • Editor Soccer and Society (2000-2005).
  • Grant Proposal Reviewer for British Academy, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, ESRC, Leverhulme and Wellcome Trust
  • Refereeing of journal articles: British Journal of Sociology , Sociology, Theory, Culture and Society, Sociological Forum, Qualitative Research, The Sociological Review, Journal of Sociology, Time and Society, Journal of Historical Sociology , Identities, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Journal of Consumer Culture, Journal of Contemporary European Research, Nations and Nationalism, , Wadabagei, SAGE Open, Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, Societies, Science and Engineering Ethics,
    International Review for the Sociology of Sport; Sociology of Sport Journal; Sport in History; Journal of Sport History; European Physical Education Review; Sport, Education and Society; Leisure Studies; European Sports Management Quarterly; International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing; International Journal of Sport Policy; Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, Sport in Society, International Journal of Golf Science, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, European Journal of Sport and Society, Communication & Sport
    British Journal of Sports Medicine, Sports & Exercise Medicine – Open Journal, Scandinavian Jo. of Med. and Sci in Sports, Physiotherapy Research International, Austin Sports Medicine, BMJ Open , Plos One, Social Science and Medicine, Sociology of Health and Illness, Health, Risk and Society, Perspectives in Public Health
  • Refereeing of book proposals: Macmillan, Manchester University Press, Open University Press, Pearson, Routledge, Sage.

Selected Recent Research Projects and Sources of Funding

  • The Medical Management of Sports Injuries: Costs and Cures, Wellcome Trust, £4000
  • Methods of Appointment and Qualifications of Football Club Doctors in English Professional Football: A Follow-up Study (with A. Scott and I. Waddington, Chichester University Research Facilitation Fund, £5,000
  • Physical Activity and Respiratory Health Study, Department of Health, £135,000.
  • Effect of the Cricket Foundation's Chance to Shine Programme on wider social outcomes for young people (with H. Musson and M. Nevill), Cricket Foundation, £20,000
  • Malcolm, D. (2016) Confidentiality in Sports Medicine, Clinics in Sports Medicine, 35: 205–215
  • Scott, A. and Malcolm, D. (2015) ‘Involved in every Step’: how working practices shape the influence of Physiotherapists in elite sport, Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 7(4-5) 539-557
  • Malcolm, D. (2014) The Social Construction of the Sociology of Sport: a Professional Project, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 49(1), 3-21.
  • Malcolm, D. and Scott, A. (2014) Practical Responses to Confidentiality Dilemmas in Elite Sport Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine, 48(19): 1410-13. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2013-092458
  • Professional Relations in Sport Healthcare: Workplace Responses to Organisational change, with A. Scott, Social Science and Medicine. 2011, 513-520.
  • Medical Uncertainty and Clinician-Athlete Relations: The Management of Concussion Injuries in Rugby Union, Sociology of Sport Journal, 2009, 26(2), 191-210.

You can view a fuller publications list on the University Publications Database.