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an athlete running on an indoor track

Fundamental research

Recent projects:

Influence of mental fatigue on athletic endurance performance

StaffIan Taylor, Carl Hulston

PhD student: Ruth Boat

Sponsors: Loughborough PhD studentship

Project description

This project examines processes which may help our understanding of how athletes’ mental state can impact endurance performance.

Coaching and Supervision: From Sport to Classroom

Loughborough University collaborators: Sophia Jowett, Marcus Collins, Jo Gilman

Project Description

How do coaches work with athletes? How do the dynamics of their relationships compare with supervisors and students? Can the coaching methods developed in sport be used to enhance postgraduate supervision? In over seventy articles published during the past fifteen years, Sophia Jowett has devised a conceptual and operational model of the coach-athlete relationship and developed measurements of relationship quality and communication. This proposed research expands upon previous research as follows. First, it tests methods derived from sport psychology and coaching to improve the quality of coach-athlete relationships. Second, it applies the same methods to improve the quality of supervisor-student relationships.

Sponsor: Proposal to submit to the Levehulme Foundation

Conflict in the coach-athlete relationship (working title)

Loughborough University collaborators: Sophia Jowett, Chris Harwoord

Project Description

While social and personal relationships are vital for productivity, health and wellbeing, conflict is inevitable and is likely to cause upset and hurt feelings as well as anxiety and distrust. Despite the potentially central role of interpersonal conflict in sport, researchers have yet to pay concerted attention to exploring the nature of conflict, its antecedents and consequences. This research aims to develop a conceptual framework of interpersonal conflict and develop/validate psychometric instruments that assess conflict between coaches and athletes, as well as investigate its substance through qualitative research and its correlates through quantitative research.

PhD student: Svenja Wachsmuth

Sponsor: PhD funded by School

Marker placement for bowling arm analysis in cricket

Loughborough University collaborators: Dr Mark King, Prof Fred Yeadon

PhD Students: Dr Paul Felton

Project Description

When a bowler’s technique is called into question by an umpire an independent analysis is carried out using a motion analysis system employing reflective markers attached to the bowler’s arm. Such markers are prone to produce artefacts arising from soft tissue movement. This project aims to evaluate different systems of marker placement with a view to minimising the effects of soft tissue movement on the calculation of elbow extension angle.

Collaborators: Kevin Shine (ECB Lead Fast Bowling Coach)

Sponsors: England and Wales Cricket Board


Yeadon, M.R. and King, M.A. 2015. The effect of marker placement around the elbow on calculated elbow extension during bowling in cricket. Journal of Sports Sciences 33, 1658-1666;

King, M.A. and Yeadon, M.R. 2012. Quantifying elbow extension and elbow hyperextension in cricket bowling: A case study of Jenny Gunn. Journal of Sports Sciences 30, 937-947.