Coach Analysis Intervention System (CAIS)

CAIS is a ground-breaking online platform that enables coaches in all sports to analyse and better understand their own coaching behaviour.

CAIS offers actionable insights for coaches at all levels of performance, in training and competition, and an invaluable resource for applied researchers, teachers and students.

It is underpinned by over two decades of applied research, led by Professor Chris Cushion, in partnership with multiple sports organisations and other research institutions.

Licensed to Performance Innovation, CAIS is integrated into the iSportsAnalysis online platform offering a plug and play solution and licensing structure to meet the needs of all user groups. iSportsAnalysis provides all the hardware and fully supported, interoperable software – all that’s needed is an internet connection and a mobile device.

Who uses CAIS?

  • A wide range of sports organisations around the world have already adopted CAIS, including: Professional sport teams, Governing Bodies of Sport, National Sporting Organisations, and Collegiate Sport.
  • Leading universities use CAIS to view and analyse behaviour in ways that were not possible before
  • CAIS has spill-over benefits to enhance training and development in other sectors including: law enforcement and defence

Find out more

Visit iSportsAnalysis for more information and to try CAIS for free.

CAIS is licensed to Performance Innovation and is available to all users through the licensor’s online platform, iSportsAnalysis.