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Dr Nina Michaelidou PhD, Warwick; MA, Coventry; PGCert, Birmingham; BA (Hons), Wolverhampton

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Reader in Marketing

Deputy Head of Group (Marketing)

Consumer behaviour; personality traits; emotions and health behaviours; social media usage; advertising appeals

Dr Nina Michaelidou is a Reader in Marketing at the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University. Prior to joining Loughborough, she has held faculty posts at Birmingham University and Nottingham University. Her research interests are grounded in the area of consumer behaviour and particularly, individuals’ perceptions, personality traits, image and emotions, in multiple contexts including online and social media, ethics and health. Dr Michaelidou has published her work in various highly ranked journals including the Journal of Business Ethics, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising Research, the Journal of Strategic Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Management, and the Journal of Travel Research. She serves as Associate Editor for the International Marketing Review and the Journal of Consumer Behaviour. Dr Michaelidou is also the chair of the Academy of Marketing SIG on Consumer Psychology and Cross-Cultural Research.

Research Interests

Dr Michaelidou’s research interests lie in the area of consumer behaviour and specifically personality traits (e.g. variety seeking, innovativeness), emotions and health behaviours as well as social media usage and consumers’ responses to advertising appeals and promotions on social media.

Key Publications

Michaelidou N. (2012), “A Typology of Consumers’ Disposition based on Inherent Needs”, Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (5/6), 676-694.

Christodoulides G., Michaelidou N., Siamagka, N. (2012) “A Typology of Internet Users based on Comparative Affective States: Evidence from Eight Countries”, European Journal of Marketing, 47 (1/2), 7-7.

Christodoulides, G. Michaelidou, N., Argyriou, E. (2012) “Cross-national Differences in E-WOM Influence”, European Journal of Marketing, 46 (11/12), 12-12.

Michaelidou N., Siamagka, N., Christodoulides, G. (2011) “Usage, Barriers and Measurement of Social Media Marketing: An Exploratory Investigation of Small and Medium B2B Brands”, Industrial MarketingManagement, 40 (7), 1153-1159.

Walsh, G., Shiu, E., Hassan L., Michaelidou N., Beatty S. (2011) “Emotions, Store-environmental cues Store-choice Criteria and Marketing Outcomes”, Journal of Business Research, 64 (7), 737-744.