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1 Nov 2020

CSM Publishes a High-Impact Study in Industrial Marketing Management

Dr James M. Crick has published a co-authored article in Industrial Marketing Management (ABS: 3; ABDC: A*; IF: 4.695) on how organisations have been collaborating with their competitors (coopetition) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The paper discusses several cases of how small and large companies (from numerous countries) have been engaging in these business-to-business marketing partnerships, as well as the risks and rewards of such strategies. The key issue is that while it may be beneficial to work with industry rivals (e.g., sharing equipment and information), there are potential "dark-sides" at play. For example, competitors can behave opportunistically, whereby, they steal innovative ideas and create tensions.

For the last ten weeks, the paper has been the most downloaded paper in Industrial Marketing Management.

Click here to read the article.