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18 Dec 2020

CSM Director Serves on the Committee for the “Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award”

We are pleased to announce that Prof Thorsten Gruber, Director of CSM, has been invited to serve on the committee for the “Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award”. This is one of the most prestigious awards associated with SERVSIG and it is presented annually by SERVSIG to the individual whose teaching, research and service have had the greatest long-term impact on the development of the services discipline. Career contributions of the candidates should be of long duration, preferably 15 to 20 years. Contributions to the services discipline should be significant, frequent, and include recent contributions.

Christopher Lovelock passed away on February 24, 2008. Christopher was a founding father of the services marketing field and he was recognized around the world as a leading authority on service management.

As a member of the committee, Prof Gruber’s responsibility will be to review and vote on nominated candidates and help establish the winner with guidance from the chair.

More information about the award and a list of previous winners can be found here