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Applying and joining the university

I have missed the university open day. Can I still come and visit?

When UCAS applications are received, we will automatically invite you to attend one of our departmental Visit Days. This will allow you to see at first hand the extensive facilities and meet some of our staff and current undergraduates. You will also be able to see the wider range of University amenities, including the sport and leisure facilities.

Can I turn up for an individual visit

We strongly advise that visiting applicants attend one of our managed and organised Visit Days, to which you will automatically be invited.  Due to a range of teaching and other work commitments, we cannot guarantee that relevant admissions staff will be available for non-invited impromptu visitors.

The course that I want to do requires maths A-level, is this really necessary?

Our engineering courses require a strong mathematical ability.  Where A-level maths is requested in our entry requirements a minimum of grade B is required to gain access to our courses.  

Mechanical Engineering also requires physics A-level, do I really need this too?

Yes, as above for all degree courses. Physics is also covered on the Foundation course.

If I attend an interview, how long does it take to receive an offer?

Assuming that an applicant passes their interview, an offer will be typically made via UCAS within a week.

Do I have to attend interview?

Realistically yes.  If you do not attend interview, and make no attempt to contact us to arrange an alternative interview date, then we will assume that you are no longer interested in the degree course you have applied for.

Do I need an English language qualification?

Yes – the Loughborough University Prospective Student website details all acceptable English Language qualifications. However, in general UK applicants should have a GCSE English Language Grade C or better (likewise and equivalent for SQA Higher qualifications), and non-UK applicants should have an IELTS or TOEFL qualification.

What if I miss my expected grades?

If places are available, we will automatically reconsider your UCAS application, although we cannot guarantee that we will make a concession. It is here where your interview (if applicable) during your visit to the Wolfson School on one of our Visit Days becomes important. The best advice, is to check UCAS Track first and if you require further guidance, please contact the Wolfson School Undergraduate Admissions Team once your exam results are known, who will be able to guide you on your next available steps.

If I get better grades than expected can I do the MEng version?

Yes – if you do better in your qualifications than expected and you meet the entry requirements for your chosen degree course then we will invite you to consider changing your registration from BEng to MEng where applicable. Clearly there will be an additional years fees and living expenses to consider.

Am I guaranteed a place in hall for my first year?

Everybody who firmly accepts a place at Loughborough and registers with the Student Accommodation Centre before the published deadline and receives confirmation of their place at Loughborough is guaranteed a place in hall. For further information please contact the Student Accommodation Centre website.

Can I choose what kind of hall accommodation I get?

You will have the opportunity to express a preference between catered and self-catering and may specify single or shared room when responding to your offer of a hall place. However, a guarantee of what type of accommodation you will ultimately be offered cannot be made. In the very few cases where students are unhappy there will usually be an opportunity to move early in the first term.

For further information see the Student Accommodation website.

How much does my hall place cost?

This information and more can be found on the Student Accommodation website.

How can I find out about bursaries and scholarships?

Details of University Bursaries and Scholarships can be found on the Fees and Funding website -

The degree course

What are the advantages of completing a MEng degree?

Industry is always looking for high flyers with the advanced knowledge and skills gained on the MEng programme. In addition, under UK Engineering Council guide-lines, MEng is the premier route to achieving Chartered Engineer status.

Do you guarantee a training placement year?

No - however in our experience, all students who want a training placement have been able to obtain one. We will actively support your applications with dedicated staff, and it is now routine for us to have over 200 students in industry every year.

More information is available in the industrial placements section of our website

How much does the training placement year cost?

The current fee for the Training Placement Year is approximately 20% of the Tuition Fees. This maintains your student registration and covers the cost of three placement visits to you at your company by academic staff, to monitor the quality of the work and the progress you are making.

Do I have a personal tutor?

Yes - you are allocated a Personal Tutor when you arrive at the university, who will be a point of contact and advice for you during the first two years of your degree course. Students meet with their Personal Tutors every Friday on a timetabled basis during the first year of study on their degree course. Second year and onwards, meetings are more informal.

How much contact time is in the degree course?

We have busy timetables for all of our degree course.  During the first two years students should expect to see between 20 and 24 hours of contact with staff (lectures, tutorials, laboratories) each week, depending on the degree course, tutorial groups and laboratory groups.  In later years, contact time is more variable depending on your optional module choices.

Can I change between BEng and MEng?

Yes – if you meet the progression requirements for the MEng version of your degree course. This option is available at the end of the first and second years of study. However, you will need to discuss this with the relevant Programme Director and clearly there will be an additional years fees and living expenses to consider.

What happens if I do not meet the MEng progression requirements?

If you do not achieve the MEng progression requirements at the end of the first year, or second year then we will discuss with you your options, one of which will be to continue on a BEng variant of your chosen degree course.

How are modules assessed?

The majority modules are assessed with a mixture of examination and coursework. A small number of modules are assessed on a coursework only basis. Examinations typically represent 70% to 80% of the final module mark, and typically take place in June at the end of the first and second academic years.

What happens if I fail a module?

If you are unfortunate enough not to meet the progression requirements for a module, then typically you will be required to resit the relevant examination and / or coursework assessments in the September Special Assessment Period.

IT Information

I am thinking about buying a PC. What do I need to know?

The main operating system for the University is Microsoft Windows 10 and nearly all engineering software runs on Windows. Software is not available for other operating systems such as Mac OS X. Mac computers are not recommended.


If you are in halls you will be able to use the network, so you need an ethernet card or wireless dongle. Wireless networking is also available in most locations on campus. If you intend to use the P.C. for e-mail or other Internet use off campus (e.g. at home) from a telephone line you will need to use a Cable Modem or an A.D.S.L. modem. You will need advice from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


If you are going to purchase a new laptop or PC generally the specification should be OK, however, check that there is a minimum of 4GB RAM for general use, or 8GB plus if you intend to add CAD software onto your machine.  Having a Solid State hard drive is a big benefit regarding speed.

Computers Suitable for CAD Software

Notebooks are not recommended due to the screen size.  Most modern PCs and laptops should be OK to run CAD provided they have MS Windows 10, 8GB of RAM and OpenGL graphics capability.  However, there are occasionally issues with PCs and laptops which are usually to do with the graphics cards. Newer laptops will run NX OK, it is just the rendering that will need to be completed in the labs or have a Quadro graphics card in the PC.

Graphics Cards for CAD

To guarantee a computer which will work a graphics card or chip must be on the hardware certification list from Siemens PLM.  On these lists you should be looking for something like a Nvidia Quadro K610M or a K620M as the cheapest option for laptops.  However, you would probably be looking at a laptop which costs upwards of £1,500.  It is a lot cheaper to run NX on a desktop PC because you can add in a graphics card like a Nvidia Quadro k420 which should be around £100.

It is also worth noting that NX and other engineering applications can be accessed via many of the computer labs on campus of which quite a number are available 24/7.


Your data is your responsibility. 

A USB memory stick of 8 GB or more is useful to have for transferring your data between your PC or laptop and the University labs. Also, ideally you may need a portable 500Gb USB hard drive which will allow you to keep back-up copies of all your work. You can also store it on the software applications which are available for you to download via LEARN or Microsoft Azure.  You should also consider a CD or DVD writer so that you can make archive copies of your work. CD and DVD writers are available in the University Computer labs. However, you will probably use your university OneDrive cloud storage. It is available on all lab PC’s and via a web browser. It comes with 1TB allowance. It is accessible anywhere, and on any device enabling you to seamlessly work on documents across all devices.

 If you require more detailed advice, please email

What software will be available for my PC?

The main system operating system for the University is Microsoft Windows 10 and nearly all engineering software runs on Windows.  Software is not available for other operating systems such as Mac OS X. Mac computers are not recommended.

The core software used by the University is Office 365.  This is available free via the Office 365 portal for everyone at Loughborough University via


CAD Software

Siemens PLM NX is available as a download from LEARN software downloads section.

Free for registered Loughborough students.

This is world class software which is unrestricted for student use.  It is accompanied by a full set of online training material.


Materials Selection

CES Edupack is available as a download from IT Services.

Free for registered Loughborough students.

This is an excellent database which has information on all material properties and uses.


Other Microsoft Software MS Programming and Other Software, available as downloads.

Free for registered Loughborough students.

      Visual Studio


      Project etc via Azure


If in any doubt you can contact the service desk at who will route your email into the correct IT park team. Or you can visit the PC clinic situated in the Library for a more one to one personalised help.

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