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Aakash Bansal BTech

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Graduated with Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India in 2017 and worked with CSIR-CEERI Pilani, India, Aakash is presently working with Dr. Chinthana Pangamuwa and Dr. Will Whittow investigating active mmWave beam-steerable antenna arrays for 5G and future IoT devices.

PhD Thesis Title: Active Beam-Steerable mmWave Antenna Array for 5G and IoT Applications

The research aims to meet the increasing demand for faster data-rates and reliable connectivity for everyone everywhere and to support new technologies such as the Internet of Things, millimeter waves have been identified as a suitable spectrum for developing fifth-generation technology. New types of antennas are needed that can dynamically focus the radiation in particular directions to minimize losses and interference. Traditionally, complex phase shifters feeding antenna arrays are used to beamform radiation patterns in different directions. These can be cumbersome and are not ideal for small installations. This work is looking into developing cheaper and more compact active antenna array systems for electronic beam-steering at 28GHz.

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