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We are pleased to offer financial support for prospective PhD researchers.  Funding is available in the form of studentships and these are awarded on the basis of your academic record, supporting references and the quality of the outline research proposal.  Throughout the year we have a number of opportunities available, in the first instance please contact our Postgraduate Admissions team for the latest opportunities. 

Current opportunities are advertised through Loughborough online PG prospectus, and

Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs)

CDTs have been established to support Doctoral Researchers at a single instiution, or group of Universities, under a specific research theme in order to address a specific skills gap in the current market. Generally these programmes are 4 years and additional training elements form part of these programmes. Students who are part of a CDT enjoy a cohort-based training experience. We are partnered in a number of EPSRC CDTs including;

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence

This Centre, the first of its kind in Europe, addresses priority areas such as autonomous products, functional materials, high performance connected systems, data-to-knowledge solutions (e.g. digital healthcare), and engineering for industry, life and health. The Centre will deliver commercially aware graduates in these thematic areas: design; packaging and interconnection; intelligent software; system services; advanced manufacturing solutions and applications engineering. Students will also benefit from EPSRC’s acclaimed “Transition Zone” Training and Development programme comprising:

  1. Leadership, enterprise, innovation management, personal development, and social responsibility, facilitating the transitions into the Centre and eventual exit as a high-value graduate;
  2. Cohort-forming and personal research ‘Foresight’ activities including specialist industrial, and student-led seminars and directed Reading Club;
  3. Industry-led projects and industrial training packages: group and individual industrial projects and personalised on-the-shop-floor training activities;
  4. Core and elective technical training packages that will see students become conversant in all aspects of Embedded Intelligence.

EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre for Regenerative Medicine

The Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) initiative has been welcomed by leading scientists in the field as "an internationally competitive consortium comprising star UK players in the fields of Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. The track record of the consortium and proposed collaborators and advisors is outstanding with a breadth of multidisciplinary research that will ensure effective delivery of the DTC programme."

This CDT comprises Loughborough University, Keele University and the University of Nottingham.

The Centre aims:

  1. To grow a capacity of at least 50 engineers and physical scientists with the fundamental, multidisciplinary, and translational skills to become leaders in the emerging industry of regenerative medicine.
  2. To create a training programme geared to the needs of the Doctoral Students integrated with both their individual research aspirations and the requirements of the emerging regenerative medicine industry as a whole.
  3. To encourage students to undertake a strategic and coherent research programme that brings together centres of expertise in academia, industry, and healthcare to further the UK world class position in regenerative medicine.

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable PV

The purpose of the Centre is to create a leadership group in advanced Photovoltaics who will go on to shape the future agenda for photovoltaics research and development. We will train a total of 70 PhDs who will be engaged in state of the art research programmes at leading UK universities working on PV.

There are seven university members of the national research programme funded by EPSRC, the SUPERGEN SuperSolar Hub. The Hub co-ordinates research actions and runs a UK-wide network of researchers in the field. The CDT is run by the Universities of Liverpool and Bath, and includes Loughborough University, and the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield and Southampton.

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