Film It Win It

Win £10,000

Create a video of your exciting engineering, design or technology idea.

What you need to do

Submit a 2 minute video all about engineering or technology

You choose the subject – it can be anything – it could be your own idea - but make it Exciting, and tell us why it is Exciting Engineering

  • You can have any genre.
  • You can have a voice over.
  • You can have a backing track - but it really needs to be your own music.
  • It could be a silent movie.
  • You may want to include other people (but any prize would only go to you).
  • You may want to be serious, artistic, or have fun.
  • Make us want to watch your video, and award you the 1st prize.
  • You can use a phone, you can use your Dad's expensive camera, you can do it yourself, you can have a crew (but again any prize would only go to you).
  • Demonstrate your skill in producing an exciting video
  • Winning entries will be invited to our Awards Ceremony in October 2019.
  • Video formats - .MPG; .MOV; .AVI; .WMV; .MP4; .M4V.
  • Submit only your own work. 
  • Do not submit unlicensed or copyrighted material. 
  • Do not submit unlawful, discriminatory or rude material.
  • Do not promote products or services.

You could win £10,000 when you come to the university
120 seconds of fame
Tell us how amazing engineering and technology is