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Mathematical Cognition Group

The Mathematical Cognition Group focuses on understanding the processes by which students come to understand mathematical ideas. Academics in this group have specific strengths in numerical cognition and mathematical reasoning. Recent externally funded research projects in the group have included work on the nature and cause of dyscalculia, on the 'Approximate Number System' and its links to formal mathematics achievement, on the relationship between studying mathematics and reasoning skills, and on the ways in which experts and novices read mathematical proofs.

The research of members in this group includes work in the fields of:

Mathematical reasoning

Arithmetical relationships; Logical reasoning; Proof and argumentation; Mathematical reading; Use of examples and definitions in mathematical reasoning; Equivalence relations

Numerical cognition

The 'Approximate Number System'; Executive Functions and mathematics.

Members of the Mathematics Cognition Group subscribe to an open science policy. You can read the group's policy Open Science policy [pdf].

Academic staff: Nina AttridgeCamilla Gilmore, Matthew Inglis and Iro Xenidou-Dervou.