The Department has excellent research facilities, which are used by staff, research students and final year project students.

The Schofield Toddler Lab and the Eye-Movement Lab are two examples of the outstanding facilities we have in the centre.

Schofield Toddler Laboratory

Situated in the Department, the Schofield Toddler Lab is a child-friendly linked pair of laboratories ideal for conducting experimental or observational studies with young children. Parents and researchers are able to remotely observe research studies taking place using the lab's one-way mirror.

Facilities in the lab include high quality recording equipment and dedicated testing computers installed with E-Prime, PsychoPy and OpenSesame. Portable laptops, touch screens, button boxes and video cameras are available for either lab- or school-based studies.

Eye-Movement Laboratory

The Department's Eye-Movement Laboratory is equipped with a Tobii Pro Spectrum and a Tobii X2-60, with dedicated computers for stimulus presentation and data logging.

Other Facilities

Our labs are also well equipped with basic electrical equipment (digital video cameras, microphones, dictaphones, tripods, headphones, speakers and stopwatches, etc.) and a wide range of standardised tests for use with children and adults (WIAT, WASI, WJ, Ravens' APM, etc.).