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Dr Marc C Kimber

Photo of Dr Marc C Kimber

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Marc grew up in Tea Tree Gully in Adelaide, South Australia. He attended Rostrevor College and subsequently did his undergraduate at the University of Adelaide (UoA) majoring in chemistry and genetics. He stayed at UoA for his postgraduate studies and obtained his PhD in chemistry 1999. He then held postdoctoral positions at the Universities of Sydney (Prof. M. M. Harding), Adelaide (Prof. D. K. Taylor) and Nottingham (2002 – 2004: Prof. J. S. Clark and 2006-2008: Prof. C. J. Moody). He was appointed to his first independent academic position as Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Loughborough in September 2008, and was subsequently promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2015.

Marc’s research focus is in use of singlet O2 in the development of new synthetic transformations; the total synthesis of natural products and metabolites of biological relevance; and the rationale design and synthesis chiral cleft molecules for use in catalysis and supramolecular assemblies. Marc is currently the supervisor of 6 PhD students and has successfully supervised 3 students to the completion of their PhD studies (up to 2016).

Current active projects include:

  • The efficient use of singlet O2 and its application in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory furan fatty acids (FFA’s).
  • The total synthesis of Resolvin E1 and its biological role in regulating inflammation.
  • Asymmetric synthesize of trans-fused butyrolactones from endoperoxides.
  • Photocatalytic methods for the construction of heterocycles utilizing enamides and allenamides.
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Member of the American Chemical Society.
  • External examiner for PhD examinations in UK and overseas.
  • Reviewer for the Czech Science Foundation.
  • Referee for Journal of Organic Chemistry, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Organic Letters, Synthesis, ACS Catalysis, RSC Advances, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, Chemical Science, Chemical Reviews.
  • Research talks at the following meetings: 19th ICOS / RACI, Melbourne, Aust., July 2012; Young Chemists Symposia (YC12), Imperial College, UK, March 2012: 23rd ICHC, Glasgow, UK, August 2011: RSC East Midlands meeting, University of Leicester, UK, April 2010.
  • Research seminars at the following institutions: Uni. of York, UK, 20th November 2013; Uni. of Glasgow, UK, 15th November, 2013; UCL, UK, 14th March 2012; Uni. of Sydney, Aust., 22nd February 2012; Uni. of Bern, Switzerland, 18th November 2011.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Module leader for CMB021 & CMC001
  • Lecturer for CMA006, CMB021, CMC001 & CMP060
  • Laboratory demonstrator for CMA006, CMA009 & CMC026.
  • Project supervisor for CMD001.
  • Project supervisor for CMP056.

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Programme Director of Chemistry (Sept. 2015 – present).
  • Director of Studies (from Sept 2016).