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Pharmaceutical and bioengineering

Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering

Our vision is to exploit pharmaceutical engineering technologies and provide bio-engineering solutions to tackle global healthcare challenges such as antimicrobial resistance and enable cost effective production of high value drugs (ranging from traditional tablets to cell, gene and tissue based therapies).

Across all our pharmaceutical and bio-engineering activities we have around 40 people including academic staff, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Below you can see the research centres and groups utilising our pharmaceutical and bio-engineering capabilities and some of the highlighted case studies.

Activities we address include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing and scale up challenges for cell-based therapies, gene therapies and bacteriophage
  • Development of bioprocessing toolkits which include genetic engineering
  • Development of scale down models of tissue culture models
  • Engineering human tissue for diagnostic, drug toxicity testing and clinical purposes
  • Generation of functional particles and particle-based architectures by microfluidic platforms
  • Encapsulation of cells and bioactive compounds, including novel antimicrobials
  • Handling of complex powder formulations
  • Freeze drying of pharmaceutical excipients
  • Population balance and CFD modelling of pharmaceutical crystallizers, bioreactors, and downstream process units
  • Crystallisation Systems Engineering
  • Process analytical and quality-by-design technologies
  • Pharmaceutical process control

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