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Dr Paul Fleming BEng PhD MIHT mICE SFHEA

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Joined Loughborough University in 1992, as Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering. Previously Research Associate at Southampton University (1987-1988), Teaching Company Associate 1988-1990 (Geotechnics LTD/LU), and Geotechnical Engineer at Leonard Threadgold Consulting Engineers (1990-1992). Industrial experience of site investigation, geotechnical design, specialist ground instrumentation and monitoring, innovative compaction control, engineering fill, and general construction related groundworks.

Broad interests and expertise

Soil Mechanics, Transport Infrastructure Engineering, Artificial Sports Surface Materials Engineering & Specialist Testing, Sustainable Design and Construction, Sustainable Drainage.

Professional affiliations


Research interests 

Artificial sport surfaces:

Design and construction
Sustainable drainage design
Play performance testing and assessment
Player Perception
Player - Surface interactions, impact and traction behaviour
Monitoring and maintenance strategies
Advanced instrumentation for monitoring surface behaviour under dynamic loading

Pavement Engineering:

Stiffness and strength behaviour of highway materials
Subgrade behaviour under repeated load;
Field performance during construction and environmental effects;
Pavement design methods;
Highway reinstatement testing and long-term behaviour;
Performance related measurement methods and specifications
Lightweight Deflectometers for routine Assessment of Foundations (for the latest training programme and best practice guidance, see
Soil stabilisation


Use of Computer Aided Learning in Geotechnics

Research projects

Sports Surfaces – Externally Funded Research Projects

Technical Surfaces Ltd., Knowledge Transfer Partnership 2016-2019, Innovate UK/TS, £220k


Knowledge Transfer Partnership, 2016-2019. Technical Surfaces Ltd. - 'Science of Sport Surface Maintenance' .

To improve the company’s technical knowledge and enhance their position in their niche market of providing professional advice and specialist services for maintaining Artificial Turf Sport Surface Systems


A range of techniques will be employed, including: experimental methods for pitch mechanical testing and laboratory evaluation of systems; player perceptions; contamination chemical and biological analysis.

Previous research projects

Simpson 2016 (PhD) ‘Sustainable Drainage of Sports Pitches’ (Pr 16)

S Watson 2015 (MRes) ‘Modelling Heat Storage Extraction in Artificial Pitches’

Paul Beetham 2015 (EngD) ‘Enhancing the Understanding of Lime Stabilisation

Reactions’ (Ind. Stabilisation Ltd./Opus International).

KA Zamara 2014 (EngD) ‘In Situ Performance and Numerical Analysis of Lining

Systems for Waste Containment’ (Golder Associates UK).

J D’Avillez 2013 (EngD) ‘Routine Procedures for the Assessment of Rail-Induced

Vibration’ (Scott Wilson/URS Nottingham).

X Wang 2013 (PhD) ‘Advanced Measurement For Sports Surface System

Behaviour Under Mechanical And Player Loading’.

R El-Kati 2013 (PhD) ‘Effect Of Mechanical Behaviour Of Artificial Turf On

Player-Surface Interaction In Soccer’.

K Severn 2010 (PhD) ‘Science of Synthetic Turf Surfaces: Player-Surface


D Baxter 2009 (EngD) ‘Innovations in the design of CFA and Bored Displacement

Piles’ (Rock and Alluvium Piling).

J P Edwards 2007 (EngD) ‘Laboratory Characterisation of Pavement Foundation

Materials’ (Scott Wilson, Nottingham).

L J Anderson 2007 (PhD) ‘Elastomeric Shockpads for Outdoor Synthetic Sports

Pitches’ (Pr11)

J P Lambert 2007 (EngD) ‘Novel Assessment Test for Granular Road Foundation

Materials’ (Scott Wilson (URS), Nottingham)

A A-Assalem 2006 (PhD) ‘Landfill Engineering for Libya’.

C Young 2006 (PhD) ‘Performance of Water-based Hockey Pitches’ (Pr10).

I O Adetunji 2005 (EngD) ‘Sustainability in Highway Maintenance’ (Ringway,


S J Arnold 2004 (PhD) ‘Load Transfer across cracks/joints in Concrete slabs on


M W Frost 2000 (PhD) ‘The performance of pavement foundations during


R Talby 1998 (PhD) ‘The behaviour of buried pipes and bored tunnels in sand’

E Faragher 1997 (M.Phil) ‘The structural performance of thermoplastic pipes’

Current Postgraduates

F Anderson (EngD) to complete in 2017. Innovative Sport Surface Testing (Labosport

UK Ltd.).

T Stylianides (EngD) due to submit by March 2017. Highway Drainage Asset

Management (Balfour Beatty/Connect Roads).

A M Ferrandino (PhD) to complete in early 2017. Player-Surface Interaction for Rugby

C Webb (PhD) submission due September 2016. Traction Behaviour of Artificial Turf.

S Tay Peng (PhD, joint with NTU) viva is due in September 2016. Skin Friendliness of Artificial Turf (ISR studentship).

D Cole (PhD) commenced October 2015. Predicting Behaviour of Artificial Turf Systems using Numerical Modelling for Traction.

M Moura (PDRA, ISR funded) July 2015-September 2016. Numerical Model Development for Describing Artificial Turf Systems in Compression.

P Sharma (KTP Associate) Sept 2015-August 2018. Maintenance Science and Management ( Technical Surfaces Ltd).

M Gustin (MRes) 2015-2016. Reducing Surface Heating Effects of Artificial Turf (LoLo CDT).