Mr Muhammad Umer Jadoon


Pronouns: He/him
  • Doctoral Researcher

Research groups and centres

Research and expertise

My research primarily focuses on the design of tunnel support systems using a variety of design methods. Currently, I am conducting research on sustainable sprayed concrete linings that utilize industrial waste materials.

In addition to my research, I have valuable site experience working on a multinational project, where I was involved in the construction of tunnel support systems in an area with a weak and complex geology. This experience motivated me to pursue research in tunnel support systems and further enhance my knowledge in this field.

During my undergraduate studies, my final year project focused on the testing and repair of simple moment resisting frames subjected to quasi-static loading, including the estimation of their repair costs. The project involved an exploration of the use of innovative materials, such as fibre reinforced polymers (FRP), steel meshes, and epoxy resins for repairing beams and columns under quasi-static loading conditions.

During my MSc, I engaged in research on the design and comparison of tunnel support systems. My research included a thorough examination of tunnel support systems, focusing on the design of reinforced concrete secondary support systems, shotcrete lining, and rock bolting. The aim of my research was to gain a comprehensive understanding of tunnel support systems and their efficacy in ensuring the stability and safety of tunnels.

Current research activity

  • Using industrial wastes as effective cement replacement materials

Recently completed research projects  

  • Design of sprayed concrete tunnel linings using PHASE2 and monitoring displacements 
  • Incorporating Industrial wastes for soil improvement 
  • Comparison of Q, RMR and NATM design methods for tunnel support systems 
  • Determination of geotechnical design parameters for foundation design using geophysical techniques 


I contribute to learning and teaching activities.

Throughout my teaching, I have worked for multiple institutions and gained experience in various areas.

As a lecturer in a prestigious public sector university in Pakistan, I taught courses at the undergraduate level, including Engineering Drawing, and was a member of the Course Review Committee. I have made significant contributions towards the development of the BS Civil Engineering Technology program, including its curriculum. In addition, I taught several courses, including Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Engineering Geology, and Advanced Engineering Surveying. I also took on the role of Departmental Sports Coordinator, allowing me to gain experience beyond the classroom.

These roles allowed me to hone my skills in engineering design and laboratory work, which has been valuable in my teaching career.

Throughout my tenure as an educator in Pakistan, I worked to implement an outcome-based education system in engineering institutes. My efforts were focused on ensuring that the curriculum met the requisite standards and criteria of outcome-based education.

Overall, my teaching experience has been both diverse and rewarding, allowing me to grow as an educator and contribute to the development of engineering education in Pakistan.


I received my BSc in Civil Engineering in 2016. Following this, I pursued a MSc in Geotechnical Engineering at the National University of Sciences and Technology, graduating with distinction.

I acquired valuable industry experience in addition to my academic achievements, and I have been involved in teaching for approximately three years, enabling my development of strong communication and presentation skills.

I have been granted a fully funded scholarship to undertake my PhD in Civil Engineering at Loughborough University, which will enable me to further my knowledge and skills in the field.

Professional Affiliations

  • Pakistan Engineering Council 
  • American society of Civil engineers 


  • Best final year project award (Bachelors) 
  • Distinction in Masters 
  • Best Industry project for designing hydropower generation plant 
  • Fully funded PhD scholarship 

External Activities

  • Coordinator of Energy and Environment society at CUST 
  • Member of organizing committee during second sustainability conference at CUST 

Key Collaborators

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • NHA Pakistan